The International Association of Audience and Fan Studies


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Welcome to the weblog/LiveJournal community for The International Association of Audience and Fan Studies (IAAFS).

This community is the primary blog for the IAAFS, and carries announcements directly relating to the development and growth of the organization. Posting access is currently limited, but all interested parties are welcome to join/watch the community.

    The IAAFS exists to facilitate scholarly activities in the interdisciplinary areas of Audience and Fan Studies.

    Audience and Fan Studies are fields of scholarship that have developed in a number of traditional academic areas, including but not limited to Anthropology, Communication, Composition/Rhetoric, Computer Science, Film Studies, Folklore Studies, Law, Library Science, Literary Studies, Media Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Information Technology Studies, etc.

    This organization's mandate is to promote cross-disciplinary communication, activities, and scholarship through a variety of academic venues.
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